Printed matter and related products

CPV code: 22000000-0.

Parent caregory: EN.

Sub categories

22000000-0: Printed matter and related products
22100000-1: Printed books, brochures and leaflets
22200000-2: Newspapers, journals, periodicals and magazines
22300000-3: Postcards, greeting cards and other printed matter
22400000-4: Stamps, cheque forms, banknotes, stock certificates, trade advertising material, catalogues and manuals
22500000-5: Printing plates or cylinders or other media for use in printing
22600000-6: Ink
22800000-8: Paper or paperboard registers, account books, binders, forms and other articles of printed stationery
22900000-9: Miscellaneous printed matter

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Печатни материали и свързани с тях продукти
Tiskařské výrobky a související produkty
Tryksager og beslægtede produkter
Drucksachen und zugehörige Erzeugnisse
Έντυπο υλικό και συναφή προϊόντα
Printed matter and related products
Impresos y productos relacionados
Trükised ja seonduvad tooted
Painotuotteet ja vastaavat tuotteet
Imprimés et produits connexes
Printed matter and related products
Nyomtatott anyagok és kapcsolódó termékek
Stampati e prodotti affini
Spaudiniai ir susiję produktai
Iespieddarbi un saistītie izdevumi
Materjal stampat u prodotti relatati
Drukwerk en aanverwante producten
Druki i produkty podobne
Material impresso e afins
Imprimate şi produse conexe
Tlačené výrobky a príbuzné produkty
Tiskano gradivo in z njim povezani izdelki
Trycksaker och tillhörande produkter